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PT Swabina Karya Indonesia is both exporter and producer of furniture, material and mosaic stone tile products. Established in 1994, starting with the material business for local market, the company has developed the mosaic stone tile division since 2002 and expanding for overseas market.

Indonesia is a tropical country with rich of natural and exotic resources such as stone and mining. The company sees a huge of potential products that could be developed by touching up and design this Indonesian Heritage of stone and marble to become a useful and applicable house ware products, such as flooring, wall decoration, garden exterior etc.

The division of Stone itself declare the brand as “Costello”, and has been enlarged into three categories of products : marble, mosaic tiles, pebbles mosaic tiles and loose pebbles. This division has been growing rapidly from a few workers at the initial become hundreds workers to produce in tens containers per month.

The material of the pebbles were explored from the virgin island of eastern and western Indonesia which have a beautiful beach and lot deposit of colorful zeolite stone. While, the marbles, onyx, sandstones and limestones were provided from the metamorph stone mining of the Indonesian mountain.

The Costello mosaic tile is a handmade stone tiles made by artist craftsmen. Each piece of stone is carefully arranged to make such an exotic tile, provides natural look that you may not get from the ordinary files. This unique characteristic made Costello Mosaic Tile becoming widely demanded by customers worldwide.

Having a commitment to innovation and high quality standard, the company has received positive responses from the market as shown in our market expansion to USA, Japan and European countries.

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